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BEDM ~ Day 21 ‘Lists’

Oh how I love a good list. Making them is so much fun sticking to them is the big problem that I have. I take part in the Goodreads challenge every year, a list and a challenge pure heaven for me. I love having a list of all the books I have read since 2011.… Continue reading BEDM ~ Day 21 ‘Lists’

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BEDM ~ Day 17. ‘Wanderlust/Travel’

Considering before the age of 26 I had never been on a plane and the furthest I had been was France & Belgium, I now love to travel and see new places.  Growing up my Dad never liked to go to a place where he couldn’t get home again the same day, so we never… Continue reading BEDM ~ Day 17. ‘Wanderlust/Travel’

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BEDM ~ Day 16. ‘Earlybird’

I love subscription boxes so I am always up for trying a new one, and this time it was the turn of Earlybird, which I will admit I had only heard of recently when it was advertised on a popular social media.  Healthy snacks that are more suited to vegetarians and vegans, which really appealed… Continue reading BEDM ~ Day 16. ‘Earlybird’